New Site

The following site is now the OFFICIAL site for Payson Cross-Country and Track. All new info will be posted there. The blogspot site will no longer receive new info. The big advantage of this new site is that it is not blocked by the school's server and so can be viewed from school.

click on an event to view the details, also read the announcements below!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guest Speaker

A good friend of Coach Rockwood named Danny Marini, will be coming to speak to the Track Team on Thursday, April 26. He is a talented sprinter for UVSC and an excellent speaker.

You will all really enjoy it.

You can go to the Google Calendar, navigate to April 26, and click on it to see the details of this event.

Monday, April 16, 2007


3-2-1-Lift Off!

Announcing the launch of the new and improved Payson Track and X-Country Site.

When I discovered that the Nebo internet filter was no longer blocking the Blogger sites, I quickly created a Payson Track and X-Country website. It is more interactive and user-friendly. We will still be relying on the old site until all of the info has been transfered to the new site. (To see the old site, click on "Coach Rockwood's Website" under the heading "Important Links" to the right.)

You will notice to the right, that our season schedule is included as a Google Calendar. You can browse and click on events to view the details. More stuff will be added in the future, so check back often.